It's Reigning Community Based Startups: Here's Why PhD holders Must Rule Over This Era & How

updated on 07 April 2022

Arya Nanal             2 min


'Tis the reign of community-led startups...

Community-led startups will lead the future. One of the single-most, simple reason for this: an existing community is rich with potential customers/clients who'll welcome your newly-launched product eagerly.

Mac Reddin - an Organizer of the 'Community-Led Pledge' explains it best:

[When it comes to a community-led company] "You're not just buying a product, you're buying into a whole community of people who're passionate about the product and talk about how to use it and share tips and tricks. It really elevates the product into something more than a product".

Getting to the main point: Why must PhD holders claim their thrones in this domain?

Because they have R&D in their DNA.

And R&D - especially in the field of science & tech - is the backbone of a company, which is why companies are always on the lookout to hire the best talent for their R&D Department.

If you're a PhD holder - there's been no better time than now to shift from lab to venture and leverage your research background!

And here are 3 main reasons why you MUST:

  • The academic arena is a tough place to find jobs - reasons such as: 1) less number of openings with way too many people applying for same/similar positions; 2) shut down of certain departments by universities due to budget deficits and lack of funding/revenue; 3) cutting down on staff by universities and opting for comparatively inexpensive models of teaching by universities, are just some of the contributing factors. Check our 1st blog discussing this in depth.
  • Even if you do land a job, the pay is less - the stats speak for themselves: the average annual salary of a Research Professional in the States is USD 53,331 as of February 25, 2022, but the salary range typically falls between USD 41,582 and USD 76,272 - as per the data by Salary.
  • No value attached to your sole degree - a degree alone is not going to help you stand out. It's not viewed as an exclusive feature of yours, but a must-have tool. This only serves as proof of how undervalued the skills and years of training of the PhD workforce are

 Here's where tech-hop comes into the picture!

We'll help you get started on your journey as a PhD freelancer and connect you to clients all across the WORLD...

We'd like to repeat: If you're a PhD holder - there's really been no better time than now to shift from lab to venture and leverage your research background!

Not only do you get global freelancing job opportunities, BUT you also get the power of COMMUNITY!

You possess skills that are invaluable. And, we are here to help you get your foot in the door and convert those skills.

Join our community of Researchers and unlock the access to the global freelancing job opportunities in Life Sciences and Engineering:

●      Apply your technical talent

●      Get high-paying clients for your skills

●      Pocket-in valuable industry experience

●      Collaborate and connect with teams globally

Build a business based entirely on your PhD journey! Now is the time. Ready to get started? Sign up here.

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