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Access the global freelancing job opprtunities in life sciences and engineering, apply your technical talent and future-proof your career. 

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We are creating a new high-valued workforce, and we need you on-board!

Showcase your technical talent and monetize it, hassle-free.

  • Your innovativeness
    Use tech-hop to show what you bring to the table, whether it is a technology, technique or equipment expertise, there is a place for you here.
  • Your time & skills
    Set your rates yourself and find online gigs, short-term work and more by just being you!
  • Your platform, your way
    This platform was created to help you fulfill your true potential and create real-life impact in sciences and technology, wherever you are.

What we look for

We take pride in our top talent and strive for a close-knit community

  • What we look for

How it works

Giving you unlimited flexibility and a global marketplace  

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  • Take ownership

    Showcase your technical skill set that fits your unique background. 

  • Transfer skills

    Transfer your knowledge and skill set whenever you want, wherever you want. 

  • Explore infinite opportunities

    Collaborate with a talented team to find creative solutions to the world's biggest problems while exploring different projects. 

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Why work with us

tech-hop is a dedicated platform for scientific researchers focused on creating more economic opportunities in the community.

  • A culture of collaboration

    The platform promotes effcient collaborations between academic researchers, institutions & industries across multiple countries. 

  • Economic growth & opportunity

    More sources of income will emerge for PhDs, leading to economic growth and flexible work opportunities that are yet to exist today.

  • Affordable services

    Regardless of your R&D budget, our services are of good value and are set by our freelancers.

  • Accelerating innovation

    The platform will be a driving force in advancing technologies between highly qualfied PhDs and our clients.

  • Made by female Indie

    Built and created by a female solo-entrepreneur. Check her story below! 

  • Giving back

    We want to leave a positive impact on the PhD community. We partner up with industry to give back in support funds and more. 

  • Dream big with tech-hop

    It is always dreamy in the tech-hop platform because we prioritize community over anything.
  • The friendliest support

    We are always happy to talk to you, help with any issues, and want to hear your feedback.
  • Got a question?

    Email us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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